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The Arts & Technology have always held a strong influence on me. This intersection between those two disciplines leads to amazing applications & user experiences.

The process begins with a conversation & comes to life by applying creativity & problem solving to create a unique user experience. From creating custom characters & animations for Speech Pathology’s web applications to building both the front- & back-end for the virtual memorial, Development & Content Creation is about the journey as much as the destination to me. I look forward to learning new tricks & tackling new problems.


War on Terror Virtual Memorial

View & Search the War on Terror Memorial located at The Avenue of 444 Flags in Hermitage, PA.

Virtual Memorial

The War on Terror Virtual Memorial complements the physical location. The web application allows visitors to search for veterans & to view service information. Family & friends can also post stories to share with the community.

Visitors can also view a virtual tour of the memorial, built using WebGL. Visitors also have the option to view the veteran’s name on the virtual memorial.

HTML5 CSS Javascript jQuery Node.js Express.js WebGL

Disc Golf Gameroom & Match Tracker

Match-up with friends for a game of disc golf! Track & update scores across player devices in real-time.

Virtual Memorial

Fancy a game of disc golf with your friends? Simply create a match & it will appear on other logged-in user devices. As players join a game-room they'll be automatically added to the match roster, along with individual tee scores.

Using Socket.io for real-time communication, there’s no need to manage scores across devices. Changes are pushed automatically to every player in the game-room!

HTML5 CSS Javascript Node.js Express.js React Redux Socket

Location 3D - API Hack

Search any location & view related 3d content from Sketchfab.

Virtual Memorial

Combines the Google Maps & Sketchfab APIs to deliver 3D content related to the user’s location or search criteria. Discover everything from artist-created models to LIDAR scans of locations from around the world!

HTML5 CSS Javascript jQuery

Artstation Portfolio & Demo Reel

I sling code, polygons, & more!

Virtual Memorial

A collection of work ranging from student to professional projects. Pre-rendered & real-time graphics, desktop & mobile. Topics cover a broad range of subjects, technologies, & mediums.

3D Generalist Demo Reel





May 2017 - Present

  • Provided Full-Stack web development services for the “War On Terror Foundation”. Creating the front-end experience with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, and three.js/WebGL. Back-end technologies included Node/Express.js, MongoDB.
  • Created architectural visualizations using WebGL, panoramic video, and rendered still graphics for both the Valley Shenango Economic Development Corporation.
  • Update existing content, revised character pipeline and created custom characters for SpeechPathology.com.
  • Provide contractor services for custom 3D content creation including characters, props, environments, architectural visualization, and consulting.
  • Supported client visions through consulting including requirements gathering, time estimates, client calls, and mentoring junior artist.



March 2015 - August 2015

  • Led the development of their first title, "Unholy".
  • Performed character creation, rigging, & animation, along with prop, & environment modeling, & set dressing.
  • Developed the title for both the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, & PC.
  • During development title was placed on Steam Greenlight & in less than 24 hours was in the top 100 titles & finished in 5th place out of over 2000 titles.



May 2008 - February 2015

  • Collaborated with multiple clients in creating 3D/multimedia content.
  • Created multiple custom characters & animations for SpeechPathology.
  • Recorded motion capture for a prototype fitness application by Bodies Done Right.
  • Optimized CAD assets for 3D rendering for Fresenius Kabi training simulation for a new infusion pump being introduced to the U.S. market.
  • Created promotional material ranging from print to motion graphics.
  • Maintained & updated the art pipeline.
  • Focus was placed in rigging, sharing of animation across characters, & optimizing deformation skeleton for use on a wide variety of platforms.



December 2007 - January 2011

  • Created introductory & special topic courses in 3D content creation. Topics covered core concepts in modeling, animation, lighting, rendering, & interactive graphics.


Contract Artist

DEC 2007 - FEB 2008

Leadership & Awards

  • Top 10 CREATE Festival - Gaming & Education

  • Participant in the eCenter’s Millennial Spark program offering introductory courses into 3D content creation.

  • Featured as a regional photographer at The Butler Institute of American Art.

  • Served as Co-founder of the Shenango Valley Entrepreneur Meetup group.



May 2017 - December 2017

Six-month intensive program learning and applying full stack technologies, such as React, Redux, Express, MongoDB, CRUD and RESTful architecture, MVC, data structures and algorithms. Through assignments and capstone projects.

Bowling Green State University

2003 - 2007

Comprehensive program in computer animation, video, imaging, and interactive multimedia. Using state-of-the-art hardware and industry standard software, students focused on creative expression and exploring the possibilities provided by digital technology.

Sharpsville Area High School

1998 - 2002



HTML5 ⦁ CSS3 ⦁ JavaScript ES5 / ES6 • jQuery • NPM • Webpack ⦁ Node.js ⦁ Express.js • Mongo • REST APIs • Socket.io ⦁ WebGL ⦁ React.js ⦁ Redux ⦁ Git


Maya ⦁ Blender ⦁ Unity3D ⦁ Substance Painter / Designer ⦁ Zbrush ⦁ Adobe Photoshop ⦁ After Effects ⦁ Illustrator ⦁ Affinity Photo / Designer

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